Tea oil and health

Tea oil process
Sevenfold practice of Dasanxiang tea seeds
Da Sanxiang strives for perfection in food safety production, creating a number of industry firsts.At the Dasanxiang factory, each tea seed undergoes seven practices of sorting, winnowing, screening, magnetic separation, cleaning, full shelling, and color selection.
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Patented cold pressing and cold extraction technology
"Cold pressing and cold extraction" technology refers to low-temperature physical pressing below 60°C and cold extraction below 40°C. The patented process of cold pressing and cold extraction preserves active nutrients!
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Fresh fruit and fresh squeezing patented technology
On the morning of November 18, 2017, the "freshly squeezed tea oil" process line of Hunan Dasanxiang Tea Oil Co., Ltd. was officially launched. This marked that Dasanxiang broke through the three traditional bottlenecks of tea oil processing. "Camellia oil" has reached the industry leader and has taken an important step in the innovation and development of the camellia industry!
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