Camellia Seed Rejuvenating Beauty Lotion

Camellia Seed Rejuvenating Beauty Lotion

Specification: 7*10ml/box
Shelf life: 3 years
Features: Contains nutrients such as camellia seed oil, fullerenes, and marigold flower extract. The texture is gentle and moisturizing, intensively moisturizing, can keep the skin moist and smooth, delicate and tender, full of elasticity, nourish and modify the skin. With carnosine and nonapeptide-1, it helps to improve skin tone, improve skin texture, and restore shiny and elastic skin.
Usage: Open the bottle cap according to the direction of the arrow on the bottle cap, turn the bottle cap clockwise, remove the rubber stopper, put on the rubber head, remove the cap, and squeeze the rubber head to get the original liquid. Spread the original liquid evenly on the face and energies, and gently massage until absorbed.
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Camellia seed oil

is rich in tea polyphenols, vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants, which can repair damaged, rough and aging skin, diminish wrinkles, stretch marks, and stains. With long-term use, the skin will remain young and tender.



can be compatible with free radicals, has strong antioxidant capacity, can activate skin cells and delay skin cell decay, and is safe and gentle in nature.


Marigold Flower Extract

is rich in high-quality lutein, the resistance to blue light can reach more than 95%, and the ability to resist oxygen free radicals can reach more than 99%. Lutein is a natural blue light absorber, which can filter blue light from the root source while effectively resisting oxidation.



It is a natural antioxidant and the most important functional ingredient in wine (especially red wine). It plays an antioxidant role mainly by scavenging or inhibiting the generation of free radicals, inhibiting lipid peroxidation, and regulating the activity of antioxidant-related enzymes. 


Hyaluronic acid

is an excellent natural moisturizing factor that can quickly replenish moisture to the skin, promote collagen regeneration, and help the skin restore its normal water-oil balance.

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Camellia Seed Rejuvenating Beauty Lotion